tuxedo accessories

March 25, 2024

Tuxedo Accessories

Picture this: You’re standing in front of the mirror, adorned in a perfectly tailored tuxedo from Winslow Style. As you take a final glance, you realise something is missing—the finishing touches that will truly elevate your ensemble to the next level. This is where accessories come into play, transforming a standard look into a statement of style and sophistication. In this guide, we’ll explore the top accessories every gentleman needs to complete his sharp tuxedo ensemble.

Understanding the Importance of Accessories

Accessories are the unsung heroes of any outfit, adding personality and flair while enhancing the overall aesthetic. Whether it’s a classic bow tie, a pair of elegant cufflinks, or a stylish pocket square, the right accessories can make all the difference in elevating your tuxedo look from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Essential Tuxedo Accessories

Classic Bow Tie or Necktie: A timeless accessory that adds a touch of refinement to any tuxedo ensemble. Choose between a classic bow tie for a traditional look or a sleek necktie for a modern twist.

Sophisticated Cufflinks: Elevate your shirt sleeves with a pair of sophisticated cufflinks. From sleek metal designs to intricate gemstone details, cufflinks are the epitome of elegance and style.

Stylish Pocket Square: Add a pop of colour and personality to your tuxedo jacket with a stylish pocket square. Whether neatly folded or casually arranged, a pocket square adds a dash of flair to your ensemble.

Statement Pieces

Elegant Watch: A stylish timepiece is more than just a functional accessory; it’s a statement of sophistication and class. Choose a sleek watch with a classic design to complement your tuxedo ensemble.

Sleek Belt: While often overlooked, a sleek belt can add subtle detail and polish to your tuxedo look. Opt for a minimalist design in a classic colour, such as black or brown, for timeless appeal.

Trendy Socks: Don’t underestimate the power of stylish socks to make a statement. Choose bold patterns or vibrant colours to add a touch of personality to your tuxedo ensemble.

Finishing Touches

Polished Shoes: Complete your look with a pair of polished shoes that complement your tuxedo ensemble. Whether classic oxfords or sleek loafers, invest in high-quality footwear for a polished finish.

Stylish Lapel Pin: Add a touch of individuality to your tuxedo jacket with a stylish lapel pin. From floral designs to novelty shapes, lapel pins are a subtle yet impactful accessory.

Coordinating Tie Bar: Keep your necktie or bow tie in place with a coordinating tie bar. Choose a sleek metal design that complements your cufflinks for a cohesive look.

Personalised Touches

Monogrammed Accessories: Add a personal touch to your tuxedo ensemble with monogrammed accessories. From cufflinks to pocket squares, monogramming adds a unique and bespoke element to your look.

Stylish Eyewear: Complete your ensemble with a pair of stylish eyewear that complements your tuxedo look. Whether classic aviators or trendy frames, choose glasses that reflect your personal style.

Statement Hat: Make a bold statement with a stylish hat that adds a touch of flair to your tuxedo ensemble. From classic fedoras to trendy trilbies, choose a hat that suits your personality and style.


As you embark on your quest to upgrade your style game, remember that the devil is in the details. By incorporating these essential accessories into your tuxedo ensemble, you’ll not only elevate your look but also exude confidence and sophistication. So, the next time you don your tuxedo, ask yourself. Now, are you ready to take your tuxedo ensemble to the next level with Winslow Style essential accessories?


When selecting accessories for your tuxedo ensemble, consider factors such as the occasion, your personal style, and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve. Opt for accessories that complement your tuxedo while adding a touch of personality and flair.

Absolutely! Mixing and matching different styles of accessories can add visual interest and dimension to your tuxedo ensemble. However, ensure that the accessories coordinate harmoniously and complement each other to avoid a disjointed look.

One common mistake is over-accessorizing. Avoid wearing too many accessories at once, as this can overwhelm your ensemble. Additionally, ensure that your accessories are proportionate to your frame and suit the formality of the occasion.