May 28, 2024

Your Guide to the Perfect Summer Wedding Suit for Australian Grooms and Groomsmen

The Australian sun is beaming down, cicadas are chirping a joyful melody, and you’re standing at the altar, about to say “I do” to the love of your life. Everything feels perfect, except for one thing. Heat beads of sweat are forming on your brow, and your traditional suit feels like a stifling sauna. Fear not, grooms and groomsmen! This scorching summer wedding scenario doesn’t have to be your reality. With the right approach, you can look sharp and feel cool on your special day.

Planning a summer wedding in Australia presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to attire. You want to look your absolute best, but battling the heat shouldn’t be part of the equation. The key lies in finding a balance between style and comfort, ensuring you exude confidence as you walk down the aisle without feeling like you’re about to melt.

Choosing the Right Fabric: Beating the Heat with Breathable Options

The foundation of a cool and comfortable summer wedding suit lies in the fabric selection. Ditch the heavy wool options typically associated with formal wear and opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Here are some top choices:

Linen: The quintessential summer fabric, linen offers a relaxed, effortlessly stylish look. Its natural fibres are incredibly breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable even under the scorching sun. However, keep in mind that linen wrinkles easily. Consider a linen blend for a more wrinkle-resistant option.

Cotton: A classic and versatile fabric, cotton provides excellent breathability and comfort. While they may wrinkle slightly, cotton suits can be easily ironed back to a crisp look. Look for lightweight cotton blends that offer a more breathable and comfortable experience.

Seersucker: This unique fabric features a puckered texture that creates a subtle striped effect. Seersucker is not only stylish but also surprisingly cool and comfortable to wear in hot weather. The textured fabric allows for better air circulation, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Lightweight Wool Blends: Don’t completely write off wool! Lightweight wool blends can be a fantastic option for summer weddings, especially for those seeking a more structured look. Choose blends with breathable fibres like cotton or linen to ensure you stay cool without compromising on style.

Finding the Perfect Fit: A Tailored Look Ensures Comfort

Fit is paramount when it comes to wedding attire. A well-fitting suit not only looks sharp but also allows for maximum comfort. A suit that’s too tight will restrict movement and exacerbate the heat, while a baggy suit will look sloppy.

Here are some key aspects of a good fit to consider:

Shoulders: The shoulders should sit naturally on your frame, avoiding any pinching or bagginess. The shoulder seam should rest comfortably where your shoulder bone meets your arm.

Chest and Lapel: The chest area should feel comfortable with a slight give when buttoned. The lapels should lie flat against your torso, with the width helping to balance your body proportions.

Sleeves: The ideal sleeve length allows for a small amount of shirt cuff (about 1.25 cm) to peek out from beneath the jacket.

Trousers: Well-fitting trousers should sit comfortably at your waist without bunching or tightness. Consider opting for flat-front trousers, as they provide a cleaner line and tend to be cooler than pleated options.

Remember, even the best off-the-rack suit can benefit from tailoring. A tailor can adjust the shoulders, sleeves, and trousers to create a truly personalised fit that flatters your body type and maximises comfort. This investment in tailoring will ensure you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day.

Summer Suit Styles: Striking the Right Balance

When it comes to summer wedding suit styles, there are a few options to consider:

2-Piece Suits: A timeless and versatile choice, 2-piece suits offer a lighter, more breathable option compared to their 3-piece counterparts. This makes them ideal for hot weather weddings.

3-Piece Suits: While traditionally seen as a more formal option, 3-piece suits can still work for a summer wedding with the right fabric and fit. Consider opting for a lightweight fabric like linen or cotton, and ditch the waistcoat for the ceremony to stay cool.

Colour Choice: While classic black or navy suits are always an option, lighter colours like light grey, tan, or even a light blue can be stylish choices for a summer wedding. These colours reflect the light and help you stay cooler.

Accessorising for the Australian Summer: Keep it Cool and Classic

When accessorising your summer wedding suit, remember the mantra: “less is more.” Opt for minimal pieces that complement your outfit without adding bulk or discomfort in the heat. Here are some tips:

Ties & Bow Ties: A lightweight tie or bow tie can add a touch of formality without feeling stifling. Consider ditching the tie altogether for a more relaxed look, especially if you’re opting for a 2-piece suit.

Pocket Squares: Keep it breathable with a pocket square made from linen or cotton. Opt for a light colour or a simple pattern that complements your suit and tie (if wearing one).

Hats: Beat the sun with a stylish hat. Straw fedoras or flat caps add a touch of personality and provide much-needed shade for your face and neck.

Watches: Ditch the chunky metal bands and opt for a comfortable dress watch with a leather strap. This adds a touch of sophistication without feeling too bulky.

Staying Cool on the Big Day: Tips for Beating the Heat

Here are some additional tips to ensure you stay cool and comfortable throughout your summer wedding day:

Hydration is Key: Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, even before the ceremony begins. This will help regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating.

Seek Shade: Whenever possible, take advantage of shaded areas to cool down. This might involve strategically positioning yourselves during photos or finding a shady spot during the reception.

Carry a handkerchief: A handkerchief is a lifesaver on a hot day. Use it to discreetly dab away sweat and keep your brow cool.

Cooling Liners: Some suits offer cooling inner linings made from special fabrics that help wick away moisture and keep you feeling fresher for longer. Consider this option if you’re particularly worried about the heat.


By following these tips, you can find the perfect summer wedding suit that allows you to look sharp and feel cool on your special day. Remember, comfort is key; you want to be able to focus on celebrating your love, not battling the heat. With the right fabric, fit, and accessories, you can exude confidence and enjoy every moment of your Australian summer wedding.

Winslow Style, with over 15 years of experience crafting exceptional suits, understands the importance of finding the perfect wedding attire for any season. Our experienced tailors are passionate about helping you achieve the ideal balance between style and comfort, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day. We offer a wide range of summer wedding suit options, from lightweight and breathable fabrics to a variety of styles and colours. Most importantly, our tailors possess the expertise to create a perfect fit that flatters your body type and keeps you cool on the big day.

So, grooms and groomsmen, are you ready to beat the heat and look your absolute best on your wedding day?


Choosing the wrong fabric: Opt for breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, or seersucker to stay cool.
Poor fit: Ensure your suit fits well—not too tight or baggy—for maximum comfort.
Dark colours: Lighter colours like light grey, tan, or blue are more suitable for summer weddings.
Over-accessorising: Keep it simple with minimal accessories that complement your outfit.

Yes, you can! The key lies in choosing a lightweight fabric and ditching the waistcoat for the ceremony if needed.

Absolutely! Tailoring ensures a perfect fit, maximises comfort, and creates a sharper overall look.

Stay hydrated, seek shade, carry a handkerchief, and consider a suit with a cooling inner lining (if available).

Many menswear stores and online retailers offer summer wedding suit options. Look for retailers with a reputation for quality and expertise in tailoring to ensure you find the perfect suit for your needs. We are waiting for you.