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Our promise is quality, value and a creative aesthetic that represents timeless elegance. We take on each project with passion, love and a sense of service and we are a strong believer of the good old face-to-face customer experience.

Our points of difference are our expert menswear styling consultancy from an experienced fashion designer and menswear stylist, and our personalised made to measure tailoring service for men are all part of process when working with us. We style, design and make your items to ensure we deliver a quality product from start to finish. Working directly with the fabric mills and manufacturers gives us greater control on fabric, colour and fit choices to best complement your body shape, skin tone and lifestyle, with an ultimate goal of delivering value to each of our clients.

Ashan Winslow brings over 15 years of experience and qualifications in all aspects of fashion design, men's styling, fabric sourcing, retail buying and garment manufacture. With a true love for fashion and style, "I can help you shop with confidence".

We are a very strong believer in ethical practices and it defines our moral compass when sourcing and making our collections. We create complete made to measure outfits and we design, source and make custom, tailored suits, shirts, pants, vests, shorts, ties, bow-ties and other accessories for men. We cater for all sort of customer needs such as, weddings, black-tie events, award ceremonies, work-place smart casual looks or even if you are starting a new job and need to step up your style.

We currently only service clients in Sydney, Australia and are based in Sydney’s north shore. Our service is personalised and we visit clients at their home or by appointment in our dedicated showroom spaces.

We offer a VIP shopping service and are limited to the number of orders we are able to take per year and we like to keep it this way, with a higher focus on quality and passion for what we do.

If you are interested to get in touch with us please click the button below and one of us will get back to you within 24hrs.

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