June 6, 2024

Exploring Colourful Men's Wedding Suit Options for Your Big Day

You stand mesmerised as your fiancée walks down the aisle, her dress a vision of elegance in a cascading emerald green. You want your attire to complement her beauty, to create a wedding look that reflects both your unique styles. But the traditional black or white tux just doesn’t feel quite right. It seems a little… well, predictable.

There’s a world of colour waiting to be explored beyond the black and white confines of a traditional wedding suit. Stepping outside these boundaries allows you to express your individuality, create a truly memorable look, and perfectly complement your partner’s stunning choice.

Embrace the Rainbow: A Spectrum of Colourful Wedding Suit Options

Let’s move beyond the classic black and white and delve into a vibrant spectrum of colours that will make your wedding day outfit truly special.

Classic with a Twist: Navy blue, charcoal grey, or even a brown suit offer a sophisticated yet less formal alternative to black. These colours exude timeless elegance and pair beautifully with a variety of shirt and tie combinations. Imagine yourself in a sharp navy suit, the colour echoing the depths of the ocean and perfectly complementing your partner’s flowy emerald green dress. A crisp white shirt and a patterned tie in shades of green and blue would complete this sophisticated yet fashion-forward look.

Seasonal Inspiration: Consider the season of your wedding when choosing your colour palette. Lighter blues and greys create a refreshing feel for spring and summer weddings. Picture yourself standing on a beach with the gentle sea breeze ruffling your light grey linen suit, perfectly capturing the essence of a summer celebration. While richer tones like burgundy or emerald green add warmth and depth to fall and winter ceremonies,. Imagine yourself amidst the vibrant foliage of an autumn wedding, your burgundy suit echoing the fiery hues of the changing leaves.

The Power of Pastels: Pastel suits are a rising trend in the world of wedding attire. Light blue, lavender, or soft pink offer a touch of romance and elegance, perfect for creating a whimsical and unforgettable look. A pastel blue suit, paired with a white shirt and a light pink tie, would create a charming and romantic aesthetic for a spring garden wedding.

Bold and daring: Feeling adventurous? Don’t be afraid to explore bolder colour choices like deep green, burnt orange, or even a patterned suit. These options will make a serious statement and ensure you stand out from the crowd on your wedding day. Imagine yourself in a deep green velvet suit, the rich colour adding a touch of drama and sophistication to your winter wedding.

Coordinating with Your Partner: Remember, your wedding attire is a chance to tell a story together. Consider your partner’s wedding dress or outfit when choosing your suit colour. Select a colour that complements their overall look and creates a sense of visual harmony between the two of you. If your partner is wearing a vibrant red dress, a deep blue or charcoal grey suit would create a striking yet balanced visual.

Choosing the Right Colour for You: It's All About You and Your Style

While the colour options are seemingly endless, it’s important to find a shade that flatters you and reflects your personality.

Skin Tone Matters: Cooler colours like blue and grey tend to work well for grooms with fair skin, while warmer tones like brown or burgundy complement olive or darker complexions. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours in a well-lit environment to see what flatters your skin tone the most.

Personality Matters: Your suit colour should be an extension of your personality. Are you a bold and adventurous groom? Embrace a richer, more daring colour, like a deep green or burnt orange. Do you prefer a softer, more romantic aesthetic? A pastel shade like light blue or lavender might be the perfect choice. Ultimately, the colour you choose should make you feel confident and comfortable on your wedding day.

Fabric Considerations: Don’t forget about the fabric! Lighter fabrics, like linen, are ideal for summer weddings, keeping you cool and comfortable. For colder months, heavier wools offer a more substantial and sophisticated look. Consider the climate of your wedding location and choose a fabric that will be comfortable for you to wear throughout the day.

The Finishing Touches: Completing Your Colourful Look

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect colour, it’s time to focus on the finishing touches that will elevate your entire wedding attire.

Shirt and Tie: The right shirt and tie combination can make or break your look. For bold coloured suits, opt for a lighter coloured shirt to create balance. For instance, a white shirt would perfectly complement a deep green suit. Patterned ties can add a touch of personality to a more neutral coloured suit. Explore different patterns and colours to find a tie that complements both your suit and your personality.

Pocket Square and Accessories: Use accessories like pocket squares and cufflinks to add pops of colour or subtle patterns. These small details can tie your entire look together and showcase your personal style. For a summer wedding with a light blue suit, a pocket square featuring a floral pattern in complementary shades of blue and green would add a touch of whimsy. Cufflinks made from a similar material could complete the look.

Shoes and Belt: Select shoes and a belt that coordinate with your overall colour scheme and complement the formality of your chosen suit. Leather Oxfords in brown or black are always a safe bet, but don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder colours if your suit allows for it. For instance, a deep green suit could be paired with brown leather Oxfords and a brown belt for a cohesive look.

Beyond the Suit: Groomsmen Attire Considerations

While your wedding suit takes centre stage, it’s important to consider the attire of your groomsmen as well. Here are some tips for creating a cohesive look for your wedding party:

  • Colour Coordination: Choose a suit colour for your groomsmen that complements your own but doesn’t overshadow it. For example, if you’re wearing a navy blue suit, your groomsmen could wear a lighter shade of blue or a neutral grey.
  • Fabric Harmony: Maintain a sense of uniformity by selecting suits for your groomsmen made from similar fabrics. This will create a polished and coordinated look for your wedding photos.
  • Accessorize Wisely: Encourage your groomsmen to accessorize minimally. Simple ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks in complementary colours will add a touch of personality without detracting from your own look.


Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and commitment. Your wedding attire should reflect your personality and create a look that makes you feel confident and stylish. By exploring the world of colourful wedding suits, you’re opening yourself up to a wider range of possibilities. So, ditch the traditional black and white and embrace a colour that reflects your unique style. With a little planning and the help of a local menswear expert, you can find the perfect colourful wedding suit that will make you look and feel your absolute best on your special day. 

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Are you ready to embark on your colourful wedding suit journey?


Navy blue, grey, and brown are classic choices, offering a sophisticated yet less formal look. For a bolder statement, deep green, burnt orange, or even patterned suits are gaining popularity.

While less common than traditional colours, white wedding suits can be a stylish option for summer weddings or beach ceremonies. Ensure it complements your partner's attire and the overall wedding theme.

Morning suits are a more formal option, featuring a tailcoat and waistcoat. They're typically reserved for very formal daytime weddings. Wedding suits encompass a wider range of styles, offering more flexibility for various wedding settings.

Black suits are generally considered appropriate for evening weddings. If your wedding is during the day, consider a different colour to avoid looking overly formal.

Fit is paramount! A well-fitting suit will flatter your body type and exude confidence. Next, consider the formality of your wedding, the season, and your personal style when selecting a colour and fabric.