Our Top 5 Inspirational Wedding Looks for 2022

Our Top 5 Inspirational Wedding Looks for 2022

Wedding looks with the most love in 2021 and 2022. 

With 2 years of lockdowns and re-schedules your wedding day is finally approaching. You have both decided on the wedding location, theme and colours. The Brides and Bridesmaids dresses have been finalised and now it is time for the Groom and Groomsmen to decide on the suits. 
The Bride has taken the time to look her best on your wedding day, and I think it is only fair that us guys do the same. Make an effort so that when she sees you, she will be glad that you are the person that she has decided to marry.
The following are our top 5 Inspirational Wedding Looks for this year, and the reasons why we picked each of the looks, to help you navigate the complex conversation of style. 



Our Top 5 Inspirational Wedding Looks for 2022

Photo by John Phillips/BFC on Getty Images Johannes Huebl attends the GQ Dinner co-hosted by Loyle Carner during London Fashion Week

Sage Green has been the trend colour for the year of 2021//22 and is also a colour that is very popular for groomsmen in weddings as they complement the sage dresses of the bridesmaids. If you are doing this look make sure that you choose the right colour and fabric that will reflect an elegant finish, not all greens work well with every skin-tone, get some advice of what works best for you.   Add a black-tie and black pocket square to lift up the image and make it wedding worthy.



Our Top 5 Inspirational Wedding Looks for 2022

 Image from (

The linen wedding look is huge at the moment, but have a tendency to look quiet messy and untidy, choosing the correct mix of fabrics, cuts and drapes can turn it into a luxe wedding look. The above image is from a company called Pini Parma, check them out they have an online store and if you are in Europe maybe drop into them and check out their collection. They do timeless very well. The great thing about this look is that all the pieces can be restyled and used after your wedding day, the colours in this look should be easy to transfer to many of your existing wardrobe items. This look works well with a day wedding or a rustic theme. 



Our Top 5 Inspirational Wedding Looks for 2022

Image from Ralph Lauren Purple Collection

If you are thinking of doing the classic navy and white for your wedding, make sure you do it with style. The classic colours looks amazing on almost everyone and it shoots well in both day and night settings. As a groom this is a look that you can definitely pull off by choosing the correct shades of navy blazer and white pants and the right fabrics and accessories. These items and colours are timeless and you will get a lot of good wear in years to come. This look is easy to complement a classic white wedding dress. 



Our Top 5 Inspirational Wedding Looks for 2022

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If you are opting for a chino and blazer vibe for your wedding day, but still want to lift up your look to make it formal, the above black, grey and white look is a classic that hits the mark. This look works best if you have a slimmer or athletic build, with these body types you are able to build a very sharp and elegant silhouette. The key is to get the fit right in terms of the chino and blazer, a slim-fit works well for this look.  But be mindful of the fabric choices as you do not want to be sweating too much on your wedding day. All of the pieces are  re-usable post wedding date and you will look formal enough for a wedding but still able to represent your own swag.  



Our Top 5 Inspirational Wedding Looks for 2022

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The classic black done well is simply stunning. The most important thing about getting the classic black suit is avoid getting one off the rack. It is your wedding day and this is a suit that will last a long time, invest a bit more and do it right. You will be thankful for how it makes you feel on your wedding day and years to come. Don't skimp on the shirt, tie, shoes or any of the accessories. This look when done right is simply stunning. If you have the funds, make yourself a bespoke suit or else go for the made to measure option. 


The above looks are based on feedback of what our clients enjoy wearing on their wedding day in terms of colours, styles and the current wedding trends in 2021/2022. If you are a busy professional with time being you most valued commodity, or if you need a bit of guidance in putting together your look please contact us via email on 





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