Ashan Winslow March 20, 2024

The Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Tuxedo Shirt

Tuxedo Shirt Imagine this: you’ve meticulously selected the perfect tuxedo for your upcoming event—it exudes sophistication, fits like a dream, and commands attention. But what about the shirt beneath that impeccably tailored jacket? Ah, the tuxedo shirt—often overshadowed by its suave counterpart yet equally essential in completing the ensemble. Join us on a journey as […]

Ashan Winslow November 14, 2023

How to choose the perfect fabric for a men’s tailored suit?

The perfect suit does not exist without the perfect fabric. Therefore, we compiled this ultimate guide to save you from the hassle of surfing all over the internet researching fabric (without having to spend time understanding fashion jargon like – thread count, weave, and fabric weight) and also to make your next appointment with your […]

Ashan Winslow June 26, 2023

How much does it cost to tailor pants alterations?

When it comes to pants alterations, there are several common requests that tailors frequently encounter. These alterations aim to achieve the perfect fit and enhance the overall appearance of the pants. Here are some of the most common pants alterations requests: 1. Hemming : Adjusting the length of the pants is one of the most […]

Ashan Winslow June 9, 2023

How do you decide what to wear as a groom? | Groom Styling

Groom styling, when it comes to the groom and groomsmen, is indeed a beautiful art form that has the power to elevate the entire wedding experience. It is an investment worth making, as ensuring that the groom and groomsmen look their absolute best in custom-tailored suits and coordinated accessories can significantly enhance the overall ambiance […]